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MACS Lighting was founded in the northeastern region of United States. In 2010, we started our business by consulting consumers into using green energy which led our focus on LED lighting. Lighting is our profession and we focus on the clients and what fits their needs.

MACS focuses on manufacturing, supplying and exporting indoor and outdoor led lighting fixtures and light bulbs. Designed for interior and exterior and landscape applications, MACS innovative line of energy efficient lighting products are used in commercial, residential, institutional and hospitality projects.

MACS has grown and propelled to offer an exceptional and extensive line of LED fixtures and LED light bulbs. We were one of the first lighting manufacturers to propose high-end LED lighting products. We currently carry the latest generation of LEDs that are more efficient and durable. Not all LEDs are energy efficient, the power factor (PF) is the main indicator that tells you quality of the product.
Most of our products have a PF >97% making it among the most efficient in the market.

We make sure that we keep up with the LED technology month after month.
Our experience selecting, testing and manufacturing LED Lighting allows us to provide only the best of the best products at competitive prices. Our products are considered a long term investment.
We base our success on customer satisfaction. We invite you to browse through our catalog.


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